Absolute Encoder EX38—V1

Note: 1. How to use Programming-permit-line (Blue)

When setting the mode: the blue wire of the encoder and the brown wire are connected to the positive power+ together. At this time, the communication rate of the encoder is fixed at 19200bps.

Non-setting mode: In normal operation, it is recommended to connect the blue wire and the white wire together to the power ground.

2. How to use reset line (gray)

When the reset line (gray) connected to power+ for more than 1 second, the current data of the encoder becomes the reset value (the reset value of the encoder can be set arbitrarily)

The encoder can also be reset by using the instruction (for specific instructions, refer instance 2)

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Absolute Encoder EX38—V1 User Manual


Operating Voltage 18-26Vdc polarity protection
Current Consumption < 110mA (24V power supply) no load
Output Signal RS485 and 0-5V dual independent output, you can set the length, angle, speed application output
Output load capacity ≤ 400 ohms, the standard 200-250 Ohm work
Linearity Resolution 1/4096
Revolution max.4096(Electronic counting)
Operating Temperature -20—75℃ Programming temperature range:0℃~+70℃
Storage Temperature -40—80℃
Protection class IP67 for housing IP65 for shaft
Vibration & shock 20g,10~2000Hz;100g,6ms
Permissible Rotation Rate 2400rpm
Output refresh cycle <1.4ms
Connection Cable 1m 8-core shielded cable.
Overall Feature Clamping flange or synchronous flange, metal enclosure, sealed dual-bearing structure ( see attached drawing of overall dimension)
Signal Conditioning Can 0V output trim, 5V output trim; direction can be set; preset position, external set, such as external zero


signal Vcc GND RS485 A RS485 B 0-5V+ 0-5V- Reset Permit
Color Brown white Green Yellow Pink Black Gray Blue


Example (output signal evolution)

Installation dimensions (Unit: mm)

Clamping flange (default)

Synchronous flange

Blind hole

Custom RS485 communication protocol description:

Baud Rate: 4800bps 9600bps 19200bps 38400bps 115200bps.

Frame format: 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity, no flow control.

The parameter of encoders is set by software instruction.

When the encoder is in active mode, that is the encoder automatically sends data to the host. Data length is 16 hexadecimal ASCII code format is: XAB> ± DATA ↙, as follow:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
X address > ± DATA

Wherein, “X” is the leading letters,”>” is delimiters, “±” is the sign bit; “DATA” is the data, ASCII format, 10, from 0 to 9 constitute the range of -9,999,999,999 ~ +9,999,999,999. “↙” is carriage return (0D).

When the encoder is in passive mode, that is quiz mode. Host send inquiry instruction to the encoder, the instruction is four hexadecimal ASCII code format is: D + AB ↙.

“AB” is encoder address, range is 0~99.


1: Read data:

Host send: D + address + 0D

Encoder reply: X + address +> + match bit + data bit + 0D


Host send: 44 30 31 0D (when the encoder address is 01)

Encoder back: 58 30 31 3E 2B 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 31 32 33 0D

2: Encoder reset command:

Host send: D + address + L + M + sum check + 0D

Encoder reply: X + address + l + m + sum check + 0D


Host send: 44 30 31 4C 4D sum check 0D (when the encoder address is 01)

Encoder reply: 58 30 31 6C 4D sum check 0D (reset current position)


Sum check: The sum of all the previous data, take the lower two digits as the check value

For encoder parameter setting (ex. 0-5V corresponding value), please use our company’s special CALT software.

Operate instructions:

  1. Work mode

Loop work: After the data exceeds the maximum measurement value, the data returns to 0. Conversely, it is the same if it exceeds 0.

Shuttle work: That is, the data remains unchanged after the data exceeds the maximum measured value. Conversely, it is the same if it exceeds 0.

  1. Data direction

Clockwise: Encoder data increases when the encoder rotates clockwise facing the encoder shaft.

Counterclockwise: Encoder data increases when the encoder rotates counterclockwise facing the encoder shaft.

  1. Master/slave mode:

Master mode is broadcast

Slave mode is question and answer mode

  1. Baud rate:

Setting range: 4800 —- 115200

  1. Resolution: The data output by the encoder in one revolution

1–4096 can be set

  1. Encoder address:

Setting range: 0–99

7. Reset value:

a. When the reset line (gray) connected to power+ for more than 1 second, the current value of the encoder becomes the reset value.

b. When sending a reset command to the encoder, the current value of the encoder becomes the reset value. (Instance 2)

8. Max. Value:

The maximum measured value range is resolution * number of turns (the specific value depends on the actual situation)

9. Set the min. analog value:

Must be less than the maximum analog value, generally set to 0

10. Set the max. Analog value:

Must be less than or equal to the encoder resolution (depending on the actual situation)

11. Minimum / maximum analog calibration:

These two parameters have been calibrated before leaving the factory, and generally do not need to be used. If the minimum or maximum analog value is inaccurate, please increase the number accordingly and click to confirm.

Read parameters: That is to read the original parameters of the encoder

Save: Write the currently modified parameters to the encoder.

Export parameters: Store the parameter that has just been set to the place specified by the computer. In order to import the storage parameters directly in the future.

Import parameters: Import the previously exported parameters into the software and use them.

RS485 communication considerations:

1. Communication speed and transmission distance is a contradiction. The higher the rate, the transmission distance is shorter, but more stable, and vice versa.

2. External reset line (gray wire) used to reset the encoder current position to presetting value. When using, the gray wire should connected to high level (24V). But after the completion of the operation, It’s better to connect gray wire to power ground to avoid interference.

3. In the strong external electromagnetic interference, RS485 connection is best to use double-shielded cable.

4. When multiple encoders connect host, because of the encoder have no parity, it is suggested that when the PC programming in time to distinguish between the various encoder data returned.

5. When the system has a motor, encoder power supply should be isolated from other.

Since RS485 circuit is a differential form, A, B are two signal lines with voltage, often times connect to ground or high level, RS485 circuit will cause damage

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