Encoder module——PD22 series


Encoder module——PD22 series


Matrix reading, with high impact resistance, strength capability to error correction high reliability, and installation sizes small, wide range of resolution, do not require the signal conditioning. Assembly requirements are less, and has compensation ability of motor shaft radial and axial shifting, widely used in the DC motor, with a multi-aperture for selection.


Electrical spec:

voltage Output signal Current consumption Output waveform Rise time Tr Fall time Tf Response frequency Insulation Resistance


High level Low level <65mA


Square 200ns 50ns 0-10kHz >100Ω
≥85%Vcc ≤0.3

Mechanical spec:

Max speed r/min Starting torque Axis maximum load Impact Anti-vibration
6000 <0.05Nm Radial 25 N Axial 15N 50G/11ms 10G 10-2000Hz
Moment inertia Work Temperature Storage Temperature Protection Degree Weight
4 x 10.-8kgm² -40~85ºC -40~85ºC IP50 50g

Dimensions :


Output phase shift


Shielded cable wiring definition
Signal A A/ B B/ Z Z/ Vcc 0V
L circuits Green Brown White Grey Yellow Orange Red Black
T/C circuits Green White Yellow Red Black
Output channels Flat cable connection definition
A 、B 0V A Vcc B
A、B、Z 0V Z A Vcc B
A、B、Z、A/、B/、Z/ 0V Vcc A A/ B/ B Z Z/

Note: The red defined as 0V.

Out of frequency output, can use for single-chip timer / counter capture pulse,

If encoder 20 pluses raster, per revolution 20 pulses.

Computation speed: If 1 second to give 40 pulse, the speed is 40/2 = 20 rev / sec, the tire direct D, it can be calculated from the actual speed of π D * 2 / sec



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