Characteristics & Usage:

The meter contains up to six main display screens. You can

press the “Scree1 key” to switch between the various measured value

screens. This screen includes the “All measured value screen”, “Channel large font screen”, ” Physical quantity screen” and “Channel real-time curve screen”. After the instrument initialization screen ends, this screen is automatically entered.

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Number Name Instructions
1 Display space Display various running and setting screens
2 Enter key Select an action to proceed to the next step
3 Eject key In the setting state, press the exit parameter setting, and discard the modification to the current parameter
4 Left key In the state of measurement, long press print;

In the set state, move the modification bit to the left

5 Right key In the rapid measurement state, the long-to-clear peak;

In the set state, move the modification bit to the right

6 Key on Increase parameter values or change setting types in set state
7 Lower key Reduce the parameter value or change the setting type in the set state
8 Screen key Switch real-time screen display
9 Query key Switch query screen display

노트 :

  1. In order to avoid the influence of noise interference, please wire the input signal line away from
  2. the instrument power cord and the power power cord load line.
  3. Ensure that the instrument power supply is not affected by the noise of the power supply when the wiring is distributed. It is suggested that noise filter should be used when it is easy to be affected by noise.
  4. Please twist the wire into a twist. The shorter the twisting distance is, the better the noise defense effect is.
  5. Be sure to install the noise filter on the grounding disk and so on, and make the distribution between the output side of the noise filter and the power terminal the shortest.
  6. Please do not install fuses, switches, etc on the distribution line on the output side of the noise filter, otherwise it will reduce the effect of the filter.
  7. There is no fuse in this instrument. Where fuse is required, please set up separately: recommended fuse specification: rated voltage 250V, rated current 1A delay fuse
  8. 24V DC power supply specification instrument, please supply from the SELV circuit (which can ensure the safety of the power supply).
  9. Please use a power supply that meets the power supply specifications.
  10. Avoid mixing interference measurement circuits into the measurement circuit to separate them from the power cord (power loop) or grounding circuit. For the interference caused by static electricity, the effect of using shielding line is good.
  11. In order to prevent misaction, please do not connect any line to the terminal that is not in use.

C:\Users\QIYI-12\Desktop\产品图-Jane\XSR21 (2).jpgXSR21 (2)



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