Characteristics & Usage:

1.Measuring accuracy of 0.05 level, 80 times per second,

measuring and controlling speed

2.Net Weight, Gross Weight, Peak Value,Valley Value Processing and Switching Display

3.Six alarm modes: upper limit, lower limit,deviation and range

4.XCSB5 Up to 5 points of external input control,8 point relay output,and the configuration control logic can be realized,

5.Upgrade product with XSB5 is XSB-1

6.Aluminum alloy shell


C:\Users\QIYI-12\Desktop\产品图-Jane\xsb5 (1).jpgxsb5 (1)C:\Users\QIYI-12\Desktop\产品图-Jane\xsb5 (4).jpgxsb5 (4)

C:\Users\QIYI-12\Desktop\产品图-Jane\xsb5 (5).jpgxsb5 (5)

Technical Parameters:

Support voltage 100-240V AC 50/60HZ
Consumed power <10W
Allowable voltage variation range 90~110% of support voltage
Insulation resistance >=100MΩ(500V DC MEGA standard)
Withstand voltage 2000V AC (test condition:50/60HZ , 1 minute)
Anti-interference IEC61000-4-2(static discharge),level 3
IEC61000-4-4(electric fast transient pulse group),level 3
IEC61000-4-5(surge),level 3
Protect class IP65(the front part of the product);160*84 size meter
Environment Temperature -10~55℃; preserve -25~65℃
Humidity 35~85 %RH; No condensation
In door, altitude<2000m

\\\公司\产品图片\成品\load cell\大洋 load cell\XSB5\XSB5-1.jpg C:\Users\QIYI-12\Desktop\产品图-Jane\xsb5 (3).jpgxsb5 (3)

\\\公司\产品图片\成品\load cell\大洋 load cell\XSB5\XSB5-5.jpg

C:\Users\QIYI-12\Desktop\产品图-Jane\xsb5 (2).jpgxsb5 (2)



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