Photoelectric high-precision absolute value encoder GDS60-PB Parallel output

노트 :

1. The reference voltage of the parallel output, each bit <2V voltage drop is normal, please connect to power+ (Brown) together

2. Reset: reset the current value to zero when connected 24V+ more than 1 second.

3. Forward and reverse: data increase counterclockwise when connected to 24V+

4. Maximum output 50mA per bit

5 High level effective.


Photoelectric high-precision absolute value encoder GDS60-PB

Parallel output user manual

★Before using the encoder, please read the following instructions and use it correctly!

Mechanical spec. Electrical spec.
Max. speed 6000 RPM Power supply 10-30Vdc (5Vdc optional)
Shaft load Axial 40N, radial 100N 소비 전류 < 300mA (24Vdc)no-load
impact 1000m/s²(6ms),about 100g output 18-bit synchronous parallel signal (pure binary, or Gray code)
방진 200m/s²(10-2000Hz) about 20g resolution 1/262144FS
Allow axial jump ±1.5mm IP IP65或IP68
Allow radial jump ±0.2mm accuracy 0.01º
structure 60mm outer diameter, solid shaft, or hollow shaft Operating temp. -40℃~100℃
Connection Type 30-core shielded cable or aviation connector Storage temp. -40℃~85℃
Reliable and patented

  • Rugged bearing structure with safety-lock design provides higher anti-vibration and anti-installation error
  • IP68 protection grade and wide working temperature range -40℃…+100℃
  • With permanent power-off memory function
Performance optimization

  • High precision, data refresh rate≤4us
  • Read data directly through I/O port
  • Standard SSI signal format


color output color output color output
Black/1 Bit 1 Orange/3 Bit 9 Red/3 Bit 17
Black/2 Bit 2 Purple/1 Bit 10 Blue/2 Bit 18
Black/3 Bit 3 Purple/2 Bit 11
Green/1 Bit 4 Purple/3 Bit 12 Red/1 KVCC note1
Green/2 Bit 5 Yellow/1 Bit 13 Gray/1 Reset note2
Green/3 Bit 6 Yellow/2 Bit 14 Brown/1 10-30Vdc
Orange/1 Bit 7 Yellow/3 Bit 15 White/1 GND 0V
Orange/2 Bit 8 Red/2 Bit 16 Blue/1 Direction note3


설치 치수 (단위 : mm)

  1. Clamping & synchro flange(default)

b.Synchro flange

  1. Hollow shaft

Signal output

GDS60-PB parallel push-pull output of the output signal(PNP as default), and the PLC input module (I / O) connections as shown below:


Extensions [Blue/Brown]: When connected to a high level of data increases counterclockwise; when clockwise, please connect the wire to the power ground (GND 0V)

노트 :

* The encoder is a precision instrument, do not knock or bump encoders, gently, carefully use;

* Guaranteed encoder supply in the range 10-30Vdc and do isolation to prevent large-scale electric power grid to start the encoder produces shock;

* In the environment of strong electromagnetic interference, the signal line is best to use a dedicated line, such as double-shielded twisted pair cable can be ordered from the Company;

* Encoder signal line should be well grounded: close, both ends of the cable shielding should be grounded within two meters; greater distance encoder grounded metal enclosure, the encoder comes with cable shielding vacant, signal extension cable shielding in signal receiving end single-grounded; If the signal cable longer or outdoor use, signal cables should put metal iron pipe and metal pipe at both ends of the ground to use;

* Encoder protection class IP65, waterproof to use, but do not flooding the encoder shaft.



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