DYX-301 Single Shear Beam Load Cell


DYX-301 Single Shear Beam Load Cell

Characteristics & Usage:

The sensor elastic body with shear or curved cantilever beam structure, one end fixed, a section of force, low profile, high structural strength, can be used for a variety of tensile force and pressure load and measurement. It is dust seal, wide range, high precision, stable and reliable performance, easy installation and so on. Applicable to electronic weighing, weighing and other power measurement, weighing the industrial automation measurement and control system.


Capacity &measurement:

Capacity M C D H 2- Φ I
50kg-3t M12×1.75 130 12 26 76 32 32 Φ13 55
3t-5t M18×1.5 171.5 17.5 38.1 95.3 38.1 38.1 Φ19.5 76
6t-10t M30×2 225.6 25.4 50.8 122.9 50.8 50.8 Φ26.4 105

Technical Parameters:

모수 Unit Technical Specifications 모수 Unit Technical Specifications
Sensitivity mV/V 2.0±0.05 Temperature coefficient of sensitivity ≤%F·S/10℃ ±0.03
Nonlinear ≤%F·S ±0.03 Operating temperature range -20℃~+80℃
Hysteresis ≤%F·S ±0.03 Input resistance Ω 350±20Ω
Repeatability ≤%F·S ±0.03 Output Resistance 3 350±5Ω
Creep ≤%F·S/3min ±0.05 Safe Overload ≤%F·S 150% F·S
Zero output ≤%F·S ±1 Insulation resistance ≥5000MΩ(500VDC)
Zero temperature coefficient ≤%F·S/10℃ ±0.03 Excitation voltage V 5V-15V


Input:Red(+)Black(-)Output:Green(+)White(-)Tension : White (+) Green (-)

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