DYN-502 dynamic torque module



—-dynamic torque module

Characteristics & Usage:

1.High precision of anti-interference strong

2.Torque measurement function

3.High stability,

4.Small digital function of output signal, light weight, easy to install

5.Energy and signal non-contact transmission function

6.When transmitting the signal, it has nothing to do with whether it rotates or not

7.The speed and steering do not need to be adjusted repeatedly to transmit the positive and reverse torque signal

8.Without collecting ring and other wear parts, and can run at high speed for a long time without bearing between the static shell and the rotating disk, so it can be suitable for long time and high speed operation.

Can transmit static torque signal, rotating torque signal, dynamic torque signal, static torque signal


C:\Users\QIYI-12\Desktop\产品图-Jane\dyn-502 (1).jpgdyn-502 (1)C:\Users\QIYI-12\Desktop\产品图-Jane\dyn-502 (3).jpgdyn-502 (3)


Capacity(N.m) 100/200/500/1000/2000/3000/5000/10000/20000/30000/50000

Technical Parameters:

Capacity 0-50000N.m
Power supply output +/-15V DC >=50mA 24VDC
Speed range 0~3000r/m
신호 60 pulse/turn
accuracy +/- 0.2%F.S
Zero temperature fluctuation <0.2%/10℃
Insulation impedance >500MΩ
Ambient temperature -30~90℃
Safe load limit 150%
Breaking load 200%
Relative humidity 0~90%RH
Annual stability 0.3%F.S per year

C:\Users\QIYI-12\Desktop\产品图-Jane\dyn-502 (2).jpgdyn-502 (2)Wiring:EX:Red(+)Black(-) Sig :Green(+)White(-)



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