DYN-206 Dynamic Torque Sensor


DYN-206 Dynamic Torque Sensor

Features and uses

Resistive strain is an integrated production of sensitive components and integrated circuits products, High precision, Stable and reliable performance.

The collecting ring which can run at high speed for a long time and output positive and negative torque signals. Both ends are key connections.

The maximum speed does not exceed 4000 rpm

Capacity(Nm) ΦL C D E F K N M H
0-100 108 18 44 38 58 30 22 19 6 3-M3 6
200-500 143 25 56 53 73.5 40 30 27 6 2-M3 8
1000 221 50 97 90 125 60 55 45 33 4-M4 16

技术参数 Specification

量程 Capacity 0-500N.m 材质 Material 不锈钢 Stainless steel
输出灵敏度 Rated Output 1.0-1.5mV/V 阻抗 Impedance 350Ω
零点输出 Zero Balance ±2% F.S. 绝缘电阻 Insulation ≥2000MΩ/100VDC
非线性 Non-linearity 0.1% F.S. 使用电压 Recommended Excitation 5-15V
滞后 Hysteresis 0.03% F.S. 工作温度 Operating Temp -20~80℃
重复性 Repeatability 0.03% F.S. 安全超载 Safe Load Limit 120%

Creep (30 Min)

0.03% F.S. 极限超载 Ultimate Load Limit 150%
wTemp Effect on Output 0.03%F.s/10℃ 电缆线尺寸 Cable Size Φ5×3m

Temp Effect on Zero

0.1%F.S. /10℃ TEDS Optional 可选

Wire Connection

Ex + : Red 红; Ex -: Black 黑; Sig +: Green绿; Sig -: White 白

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