Characteristics & Usage:

This weighing display instrument has printing, peeling, zeroing,

built-in battery, all stainless steel shell, highlighted digital tub,

suitable for various weighing environments, such as on-site force measurement of platform scale, animal scale and public equipment.


Sensitivity Ⅲclass
Specifications (0~3000)d
Non-linearity <= 0.01%F.S.
Operating voltage DC:5V
Division value 1/2/5/10/20/50 free setting
Large screen display interface Sampling serial output mode
AD output speed 40 times/s(can select 10 or 40)(B10 only have 10 times/s)
Internal resolution <=240000
Storage battery 6V4Ah
Current power Using the Adapter
Input AC 120~240V
Output DC 12V/500mA



Characteristics & Usage:

High performance-price standard level measuring instrument, 0.1% ≤ 0.3% standard dynamometer commonly used supporting measuring instrument, rated rating 50, 000-300000, 6 bits display. Standard force measurement application and related mechanical testing equipment habitual standard configuration, full performance redundancy, to meet the current standard dynamometer verification regulation JJG144-2007 all grades of dynamometer more stringent technical standards and requirements.


Adaptability meter grade 0.3%
input signal capacity 4.0mV/V
Optional Channel Specifications 1/6/24/40
Excitation output voltage 10V DC
Display bits-size 16 bits–1.0 inch
Rated display division 100000
AD slew rate 50 times/s
Repeatability /linearity 0.01%F.S.
Gain-temperature drift coefficient 10 ppm
mV/V sensitivity 0.03%F.S.
Communication printing interface RS232

Functional features:

1.Ac excitation strain ratio Measurement Technology

2.High Speed Peak Measurement Technology

3.Bidirectional calibration and bidirectional measurement

4.Printing, transfer and Transmission of Calibration data

5.Multi-type communication data output

C:\Users\QIYI-12\Desktop\产品图-Jane\2025 (3).jpg2025 (3) 6.Equipped with a variety of input and output modules

C:\Users\QIYI-12\Desktop\产品图-Jane\2025 (2).jpg2025 (2)



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