Characteristics & Usage:

1.Weighing /force display

2.peak detection / display hold

3.Weighing/force upper and lower limit alarm DO output

and analog AO digital transmission


dy310 (5)dy310 (4)C:\Users\QIYI-12\Desktop\产品图-Jane\dy310 (3).jpgdy310 (3)

Technical Parameters:

External dimension Front panel dimension Box size Platform opening size
W*H*D(mm) W*H(mm) W*H(mm) W*H(mm)
107*60*100 107*60 93*46 94*47

C:\Users\QIYI-12\Desktop\产品图-Jane\dy310 (2).jpgdy310 (2)


–Special instrument for multi-dimensional force sensor


The main features of the product are as follows:

1.Purpose: X/Y/Z three-channel real-time force value and real-time joint force display, three-channel force value peak value and resultant force peak value display, real-time resultant force or joint force peak upper / lower limit DO alarm, RS232/RS485 digital transmission.

2.The optional joint force [F] algorithm: 3 ≤ D algorithm [F 2 = X2 + Y2 + Z2] and CUSUM summation algorithm [F=X+Y+Z].

3. By setting the relevant parameters, the X/Y/Z sampling channel can be turned on and off to realize single channel force measurement / two channel force measurement / three channel force measurement.

4.The DO output signal is used for “real-time joint force alarm” or “joint force peak alarm”.




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