DY-3190 Explosion-proof instrument




Characteristics & Usage:

Explosion-proof instrument intrinsic safety weighing display controller is a new generation of weighing display control instrument

recently introduced by our company. It adopts intrinsic security design technology and has two power supply modes: battery / intrinsic power supply. The instrument has the characteristics of small volume, light weight, complete function and convenient use. The product has been inspected and approved by the national instrument explosion-proof safety supervision and inspection station in accordance with the relevant provisions of the national standard “GB3836.1/4-2010” electrical equipment for explosive gas environment, and the explosion-proof mark is ExibICT3. Users can choose this product according to the regulations and apply it to the corresponding explosive dangerous place.

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Class of accuracy 3 level,n=3000
Sample rate 10~20 times/s
Sensor sensitivity range 1.5~3 mV/V
Division value 1/2/5/10/20/50 optional
Display 6 bits LED display
The sensor energizes the power supply +5V
Operating temp. 0~40℃
Humidity <=85%RH
Storage and transportation temperature -25~55℃
Power Supply Voltage Standard external intrinsically safe output power supply(type is AE001)

Select external intrinsically safe output battery pack(type is DE001)

Explosion proof mark Exib Ⅱ CT3

You can customize all kinds of flameproof instrument boxes.


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