Characteristics & Usage:

CH6 series digital display instrument cooperates with sensors

and transmitters of various analog outputs to complete measurement,

transformation, display, and control errors of temperature, pressure, liquid level, composition, etc., with an error of less than 0.5% FS,and with calibration and digital The filtering function is applicable to standard voltage,current, thermal resistance, thermocouple, etc. signal types, 2-point alarm output, upper alarm or lower alarm. Independent setting of alarm sensitivity, transmission output(optional), can output measured and converted display values in the form of standard current and voltage for use by other devices

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노트 :

1.Basic error: less than 0.5%F.S

2.Measurement control period: 0.2 seconds

3.Alarm output: 2 point relay output, contact capacity 220V AC, 3A

4.transmission output

5.Photoelectric isolation, output resolution 1 ≤ 3000, error less than + 0.2% F.S

6.DC current or DC voltage output need to be ordered, load capacity greater than 600Ω

7.When the DC current is output, 4mA20mA, 0mA10mA and 0mA10mA can be selected by setting. 0mA10mAand 0mA10mA can be selected by setting.

8.When the external supply 12V has the A1 or A2 model transmission output function at the same time, the load capacity of the transformer output is 450Ω to supply the transmitter, and the error between the output value and the nominal value is less than + 5%.

9.Other specifications, to be noted when ordering

10.The external power supply of the instrument can only be used to match the sensor or transmitter equipped with the instrument.

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