Industrial version BSL-MA130-30 encoder draw-wire mechanism


  • Rugged, industrial version
  • For large measuring lengths from 0 – 30 meters
  • Patented drum drive with regard to wire with drawal via threaded spindle
  • Advanced working reliability and measuring accuracy
  • Rugged drum casing, material: aluminium
  • Possibility to attach all encoding systems
  • customary in trade with servo mount sizes by means of backlash compensated coupling or backlash compensated gearing


Industrial version BSL-MA130-30


Technical data

Product Draw-wire mechanism
Profile Draw- mechanism for servo flange with 6 mm shaft, measuring range 0 m … 30 m
Note Encoders need to be purchased separately
Measuring length up to 0 m … 30 m
Repeatability ≤ 3 mm
Linearity ≤ ± 15 mm
Hysteresis ≤ 8 mm
무게 9.8 kg (without encoder)
Material(rope) Highly flexible 316 stainless steel rope
Spring sleeve material plastic
Casing material Aluminum (anode coating treatment), die-cast zinc
Circumference of drum 333 mm
Force of retractile spring 10 N … 20 N 1)
Diameter(rope) 0.8 mm
Acceleration 15 m/s²
Speed of adjustment 6 m/s
Resolution To determine the system resolution, use the following formula:

Pull-out length of cable per circle / Steps per circle = Resolution of draw-wire encoder combination

Working temperature –30 °C … +70 °C
IP code of casing IP64
life Typ. 5000,000 cycle 2) 3)
  • 1) This value is measured at an ambient temperature of 25 °C. When the temperature changes, the value may deviate..
  • 2) The average value depends on the load pattern.
  • 3) The service life depends on the type of load. Influencing factors include: environmental conditions, installation conditions, measuring range used, moving speed and acceleration.




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