Absolute Encoder EAS38—RMB

  • A “magnetic detection mode”, with excellent impact and vibration resistance.
  • Programmable, intelligent absolute value encoder; professional setting software, convenient for user operation.
  • Wide operating voltage, low current consumption.
  • Clamping flange, servo flange or blind hollow shaft, the international standard structure.
  • External resetting line to set the default location, easy installation, no need to find ZERO.


Absolute Encoder EAS38—RMB User Manual

★Please totally read the following instruction first for proper use of encoder.


작동 전압 10-26Vdc or 5Vdc polarity protection
소비 전류 < 40mA (24V power supply) no load
출력 신호 Modbus RTU output

Settable for length/ angle /velocity measurement

선형성 해상도 1/4096FS or 1/16384FS
Repeatability Precision

Signal adjustment

Repeatability ±2BIT( Actual precision related with installation and shaft concentricity.) Resolution or direction settable, external setting line preset functiion.
작동 온도 -20—75 ℃ 프로그래밍 온도 범위 : 0 ℃ ~ + 70 ℃
보관 온도

보호 등급

진동 및 충격

-40—80 ℃

하우징 용 IP67 샤프트 용 IP65

20g, 10 ~ 2000Hz; 100g, 6ms

허용 회전율 2400rpm
연결 케이블 1m 8 코어 차폐 케이블.
전반적인 특징 클램핑 플랜지 또는 동기식 플랜지, 금속 인클로저, 밀폐 된 이중 베어링 구조 (전체 치수의 첨부 도면 참조)

Modbus RTU Factory Parameters:

Function code parity Baud rate 주소 resolution direction
04 even 9600 1 4096 CW


신호 Vcc GND RS485 RS485 초기화 허가
색깔 갈색 하얀 초록 노랑 회색 푸른

주의 : 1. Programming-permit-line (파란색)을 사용하는 방법

When setting the mode: the blue wire of the encoder and the brown wire are connected to the positive power+ together. At this time, the communication rate of the encoder is fixed at 19200bps.

비 설정 모드 : 정상 작동시 청색 전선과 백색 전선을 전원 접지에 연결하는 것이 좋습니다.

2. 리셋 라인 사용 방법 (회색)

리셋 라인 (회색)이 1 초 이상 power +에 연결된 경우, 엔코더의 현재 데이터가 리셋 값이됩니다 (엔코더의 리셋 값은 임의로 설정 가능)

The encoder can also be reset by using the instruction (for specific instructions, refer instance 2)

설치 치수 (단위 : mm)

클램핑 플랜지 (기본값)

동기식 플랜지

막힌 구멍

The Modbus communication protocol description:

Baud rate:. 4800bps 9600bps (default) 19200bps 38400bps 115200bps….

Frame format: 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, even parity, no flow control (Can be customized without parity, please inform when ordering)

Message format

Function code 03H: reads the parameter value

The requests of the master: address/ function code/ the address of the parameter/ the length of the data/ check code

The responses of the slave: address/ function code/the length of the byte /the parameter value/ check code

Function code 04H: read the measured values

The requests of the master: address/ function code/ the address of the data/ the length of the data/ check code

The responses of the slave: address/ function code/the length of the byte /the data information/ check code

Function code 10H: modify the parameter values

The requests of the master: address/ function code/the address of the parameter / the length of the data/ the length of the byte/ the parameter value / check code

The responses of the slave: address/ function code/ the address of the parameter / the length of the data / check code

The communication agreement between master-slave machines:

The master send each frame of data should contain the following information (hexadecimal)

The address of the slave / Function code/ Information words/Check code

Slave address (1 byte): the Slave’s number of equipment. From the address of the slave, the master identify communication equipment. That set by the user address, slave will receive information sent by the master. In a Modbus network, each of the slave must have a unique address code, and can only respond to meet address code from the slave.

Function code (1 byte): The function code sent by the master to inform the slave what task to perform.

Information word (N bytes): Including different addresses of the data, the length of the data, and the data’s information between the communications of the machines.

Check code (2 bytes): Because used to detect data communication is error, using cyclic redundancy CRC16 check.


  1. Reset command

           Host sends 01H 05H 00H 00H check code

Slave reply: 01H 05H 00H 00H check code

  1. Read the measurement data commands
    Host sends 01 04 00 01 00 02 20 0B
    Note: 01 is encoder address , 04H is function code , 00H 01H is the data address , 00H 02H is data length , 20H 0BH is check code.
    Slave reply: 01H 04H 04H 00H 00H 01H 00H FAH 14H
    Note: 01 is encoder address, 04H is the function code, 04H is the data length, 00H 00H 01H 00H is the data, FAH 14H is check code.
    For encoder parameter setting, please use our company’s special CALT software.

지침을 운영하십시오 : (Before opening the serial port, please configure the serial port communication mode according to the encoder parameters)

1. 데이터 방향

시계 방향 : 인코더 데이터가 인코더 샤프트를 향하여 시계 방향으로 회전하면 인코더 데이터가 증가합니다.

반 시계 방향 : 인코더가 인코더 샤프트를 향하여 반 시계 방향으로 회전하면 인코더 데이터가 증가합니다.

2. Baud rate:

설정 범위 : 4800 —- 115200

3. Resolution: 한 번의 회전으로 엔코더가 출력 한 데이터

1–4096 설정 가능

4. Encoder address:

Setting range: 0–127

파라미터 읽기 :

즉, 인코더의 원래 매개 변수를 읽는 것입니다


현재 수정 된 파라미터를 인코더에 씁니다.

내보내기 매개 변수 :

컴퓨터에서 지정한 위치로 방금 설정 한 매개 변수를 저장하십시오. 나중에 스토리지 매개 변수를 직접 가져 오기 위해.

가져 오기 매개 변수 :

이전에 내 보낸 매개 변수를 소프트웨어로 가져 와서 사용하십시오.

Modbus communication considerations:

1. Communication speed and transmission distance is a contradiction. The higher the rate, the transmission distance is shorter, but more stable, and vice versa.

2. External reset line (gray wire) used to reset the encoder current position to presetting value. When using, the gray wire should connected to high level (24V). But after the completion of the operation, It’s better to connect gray wire to power ground to avoid interference.

3. In the strong external electromagnetic interference, RS485 connection is best to use double-shielded cable.

4. When multiple encoders connect host, because of the encoder have no parity, it is suggested that when the PC programming in time to distinguish between the various encoder data returned.

5. When the system has a motor, encoder power supply should be isolated from other.

Since RS485 circuit is a differential form, A, B are two signal lines with voltage, often times connect to ground or high level, RS485 circuit will cause damage

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