Overload limiter BCQ-DY

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Overload limiter BCQ-DY

1. overview:
BCQ with – DY loading-capacity limiter is my company specializing in the production of lifting machinery safety protection devices, specially used for various specifications of electric hoist single-girder crane. The device has a voice alarm, real-time alarm, cut off the crane hoisting motor circuit and display the function such as weight lifting heavy objects, avoid lifting equipment for overload equipment and personal injuries caused by overload. So it for metallurgy, machinery, mining, railway, port, warehouse industry modernization of safety production, has the extremely important significance.
This product adopts the advanced computer technology in design and automatic check check and automatic zero tracking ability, has the strong function, compact structure, convenient operation and calibration, stable work, easy installation and maintenance, etc.

2, the main features of the limiter
2.1 the adoption of advanced and unique resistance of software design, this device has strong anti-interference ability;
2.2 in order to eliminate the influence of the changes in the production of the sensor, amplifier and machinery, the device adopts the zero point automatic tracking memory technology to ensure the accuracy of weighing;
2.3 in order to facilitate the installation, the various parts of the device in the factory has been adjusted according to the technical standards with precision instruments, on-site installation is generally no longer necessary to debug (see installation and commissioning part);
2.4 in order to facilitate accurate display steady value, limiter used software to adjust memory technology, the timing is convenient intuitive;

3, technical indicators
3.1 scope of application: 0.5T ~ 32T various specifications of electric hoist single beam crane;
3.2 system error: less than + 5% (F = S);
3.3 alarm way: buzzer alarm;
(1) forecast warning point: when the lifting weight reaches the rated lifting weight of 90%, the intermittent alarm sound (sound), showing the weight of the weight;
(2) rating of alarm: when lifting weight amounted to 100% of the rated lifting weight,
To issue an intermittent alarm sound (Chang Sheng) to show the amount of the weight;
(3) immediately report to the police: when lifting weight amounted to 110% of the rated lifting weight, continuous alarm, and delay 3 seconds automatically cut off the crane contactor power, shows that heavy weight;
3.4 the static strength of the sensor: the static strength of the sensor is 1.5 times of the rated load;
3.5 working temperature: -20 C ~ +60 c;
3.6 relative humidity: 45% ~ 95%;
3.7 power supply voltage: AC380V, 50HZ or according to user requirements;
3.8 relay contact capacity: relay contact capacity is AC380V, 2A;
3.9 controller voltage: 2000V;
3.10 display mode: four LED (red) digital display weight

4, working principle 
BCQ-DY type lifting weight limiter is composed of two parts, the sensor and the controller. When the crane lifting weights, weight transfer to the sensor the sensor produces amounts of voltage change, magnified by instrument amplifier by high-resolution A/D converter into a digital signal. The digital signal is read directly by a single-chip computer, after processing the conversion into the weight value. And compared to 110% rated rated output for three seconds after a passive relay contact signal (Chang Bi), to cut off the lifting power of the motor, the weight value according to the controller commands sent to the controller after the treatment showed rated weight lifting weight, alarm and alarm sound, the controller can send a variety of instructions check sensor the working state of correction of weighing accuracy and change the ratio and so on.



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