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The D054 instrument is equipped with a RS485 serial port, a CAN

communication port and an Ethernet port. RS485 executes MODBUS-RTU protocol, ASC active upload protocol and HEX fast active upload protocol. The MODBUS protocol supports 03 read commands and 10H write commands. The active upload protocol provides the active upload protocol with the minimum delay and the fastest speed.

The CAN communication port supports the CANOPEN protocol and custom protocols. Ethernet ports support MODBUS-TCP and custom protocols.

The comprehensive accuracy is better than 0.1%, and the non-linearity is better than 0.01%
Precision acquisition is better than 0.01%
Analog input signal range -15~15mV
The high-precision acquisition can reach 9000 times/s
Display rating 9999.99
-20~70℃ relative humidity < 90%(No condensation)
Supply power12~30V DC, < 5W

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The acquisition speed of the instrument can be set to 5 ≤ 1200 times / S as needed. When the sensitivity of the sensor is 2mv/v, the performance of the instrument is the best.

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