DY 910



DY 910

Characteristics & Usage:

  1. The maximum measurement and control speed is 1920 seconds. The functions of operation, alarm, peak and valley value, capture and so on are carried out synchronously with the measurement and control.
  2. The real-time capture function is suitable for rapid testing and application of tensile test, high speed stamping, spring back instrument, free falling body impact and so on.
  3. Real-time capture data buffer 19200 points, can be played back or high-speed transmission history capture data a total of 6144 points, can be recorded, played back or high-speed transmission
  4. 3.2 inch true color liquid crystal display, resolution 320×240. Various display modes of waveform and number
  5. Built-in large capacity lithium battery, optional external power adapter.
  6. Communication can set instrument shutdown or standby mode.
  7. Can be used by hand or fixed installation. The picture can be rotated 180°display.


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liquid crystal display (LCD) The display screen is divided into the following:

1.Key frame

1)Waveform picture

2)Waveform picture

3)Illustrative picture

2.Setting picture

3.Helping picture

4.Pop-up prompt window

output port Communication RS232 or RS485 communication interface

Support TC-ASC protocol or MODBUS RTU protocol

1 point for clearing, peeling, allowing alarm, displaying lock,Qing feng valley value, capture function(option by parameters)

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