Characteristics & Usage:

The instrument adopts 24-bit A / D converter and cooperates

with all kinds of sensors and transmitters to realize the measurement,

display, alarm monitoring, data acquisition and recording of physical parameters such as pressure, flow rate, material level, composition analysis, force and mechanical quantity.

1.0.2 measurement accuracy, 10 measurement and control speed per second

2.Zero setting, peak value and valley value processing

3.Upper limit, lower limit, deviation, etc.

4.1 point switch transmission


Content Code description

0.2 level display accuracy,measurement and control speed 10 times/s

outline dimension AH 160*80*125 opening size:152*76
AS 80*160*125 opening size:76*152
B 96*96*112 opening size:92*92
CH 96*48*112 opening size:92*45
CS 48*48*112 opening size:42*42

voltage output

D 72*72*112 opening size:68*68

current output

Panel size(2 is option) 1 fundamental form 4 bits LED
2 functional form 4 bits LED + 4 bits LED (Set point or peak, valley display)
Input signal(optional) M mV signal +/- 20mV, +/- 50mV, +/- 90mV
I DC current (4~20)mA, (0~10)mA, (0~20)mA
V DC voltage (0~5)V,(1~5)V
Contact input(optional) K1 Point external switch input, used to set zero
Alarm(option) T1~4 T3,T4 limit for AH,AS,B (250V AC/3A,resistive load)
Transfer(option)Resolution 1/3000

Load capacity:600Ω()

A1 (4~20)mA, (0~10)mA, (0~20)mA
A2 (1~5)V, (0~5)V, (0~10)V
External supply(option) B1 24V +/- 5% less than 50mA
B1G 24V +/- 5% less than 100mA
B2 12V +/- 5% less than 50mA
B2G 12V +/- 5% less than 100mA
B3 Precision power supply, generally less than 10V +/- 2%,30ppm,100mA

communication rate:2400,4800,9600,19200

postal address:0~99

S1 TC ASCII protocol RS232
S2 TC ASCII protocol RS485
M1 Modbus-RTU protocol RS232
M2 Modbus-RTU protocol RS485
Power supply specification V0 100~240V AC 50/60 Hz
V1 10~24V AC 50/60Hz;10-24V DC

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