DYMK-002 spoke weighing module



DYMK-002 spoke weighing module

Characteristics & Usage:

• Use high-quality sensors for high weighing accuracy

•Unique structure, easy to install on various tanks

• Support bolts to prevent equipment from tipping

• High quality alloy steel, surface mirror

• Simple and fast installation

• Easy to maintain, saving downtime and maintenance time

• Suitable for weighing process of tanks



Step 1: Step 2:

Step 3:

Inner load cell:

Capacity ΦA ΦB ΦC M H H1 H2 ΦD ΦD1
200-800kg 74 63 24 M16×1.5 34 30 7.2 8-Φ11 8-Φ7
1-5t 105 89 32 M16×1.5 37 34 7.2 8-Φ11 8-Φ7
10-20t 120.6 101.8 39 M32×1.5 53.5 41 10.5 8-Φ14 8-Φ9
30t 141 116.8 50.4 M40×1.5 57.5 50.8 11 8-Φ18 8-Φ11

Technical Parameters:

Model DYMK-002
Parameter Unit Technical Specifications
Rated weighing T 0.3, 0.5, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8
Sensitivity MV/V 2.0±0.002
Safe Overload ≤%R·C 150% R·C
Max Overload ≤%R·C 200% R·C
Protection class IP IP67
Cable length M 3

1.Selection considerations

The selection of weighing module is generally based on the support point of the container to select the

range of 3 modules or 4 modules. Due to the existence of scale body (container) weight and vibration

impact, partial load and other factors, generally The following rules apply. Multi-sensor static weighing


Fixed load (weighing platform, container, etc.) + variable load (load to be weighed) ≤ selected sensor

rated load × number of sensors equipped × 70%, of which 70% coefficient is to consider vibration,

impact, and partial load factor plus of.

2. Installation Notes

Pay attention to level adjustment, includes level adjustment between the mounting plane of a single

module and a set of weigh modules.

The sensor can not pass current during welding. When welding the top plate, the ground wire should be

connected to the scale body. When welding the bottom plate, the ground wire should be connected to the

foundation to prevent damage to the sensor.

If there are feeding pipes on the scale body, they should be replaced with hoses or the connecting pipes

should be made as long as possible to prevent them from eating the sensor’s actual load and causing


To weld a weight check stand on the container for verification. There is generally no place to place weights

on the container, and a platform is required to place weights. It is usually welded underneath the container

to allow easy placement of weights.

The junction box must be protected against moisture, and excess holes should be plugged with sealing

plugs. If the junction box is installed outdoors, a protection box must be added to prevent rain. In the use of

the junction box due to moisture caused by the failure of the occasion, it must be given enough attention.

3. Commissioning notes:

Before commissioning, check whether the top nut of the supporting screw of each weigh module has been

loosened, and whether the entire screw is in a free state. Otherwise, a large error will occur, and even it

cannot be weighed.

When debugging, check whether the factory setting of each parameter accords with the actual needs,

especially the “power-on-zero” parameter. Normally, it is set as “Automatically reset to zero” at the factory,

and it is better to be changed to “prohibition” on the container scale. “Automatically reset to zero” to

prevent the weight of the material in the container from being lost due to power outage and other reasons.

The range setting does not refer to the rated total load of a set of weigh modules nor the weight of the

container itself. Instead, the maximum weight of the container should be selected from the number of

indexing and indexing values ​

given in the specification based on the maximum material weighing.


The power supply voltage of the weighing indicator must meet the requirements. If the voltage is unstable

and exceeds the allowable range, it will cause digital drift. It is best to use a regulated power supply.

Since the weighing system composed of electronic weighing modules facilitates the automatic weighing of

the process and facilitates networking with computers, it is bound to become more and more widely used

in chemical companies.

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