Characteristics & Usage:

0.05-level measurement accuracy, display range: -19999 to

99999 CTB6 (F) Proportional measurement, matched with 4-wire

resistance strain gage sensor, 10 point fold line correction function, measurement and control speed: 15,120 times/second selected. Measurement and control speed: 240 480,960,1920 times 1 second optional. Applicable to different application fields . Gross value, net value, peak value,valley value processing and switching display. Standard 1 point input, optional different functions (clear, tare, comparison value allow output, display lock or peak The valley value is cleared.) The standard alarm is a 2-point OC gate output. Can realize multi-configuration control . Optional transmission, communication functions.

C:\Users\QIYI-12\Desktop\产品图-Jane\skctb6f-b1v0 (1).jpgskctb6f-b1v0 (1)Dimensions:

C:\Users\QIYI-12\Desktop\产品图-Jane\skctb6f-b1v0 (3).jpgskctb6f-b1v0 (3)

Project standard
Analog output A1 current output (4-20)mA,

(0-10)mA, (0-20)mA

Photoelectric isolation

resolution ratio:1/3000

load capacity :600Ω

A2 voltage output (1-5)V, (0-5)V
A3 voltage output (0-10)V
Communication interface S1 RS232 interface Photoelectric isolation

Promise time:500μs( measured value )

Communication Protocol selection through Software(TCASCII or Modbus-RTU)

S2 RS485 interface


1.Allow multiple instruments to be connected to the RS485 network. Please use bus connection mode.

2.The screen layer of the double-core screen is used as the communication ground wire, and it should not be connected with the equipment protected. When the transmission distance is long or the interference in the bus connection is large, 1209 terminal resistance should be added to both ends of the transmission trunk line, and the connection should be between 485 ≤ 485 -.

3.When a computer hangs multiple instruments, the network topology is bus type, and each recorder is connected to the trunk line through the branch line. It is important to note that the terminal resistance should be connected to both ends of the communication trunk line

4.The transmission line after the branch should be as short as possible in order to reduce the interference communication distance and select the relay module when the communication distance is long.

5.Instrument optional TC ASCII and Modbus-RTU communication protocols, please make clear when ordering.

6.After entering the setting state through the keystroke operation, the instrument does not respond to the communication command. The aim is to prevent parameter modification values from being misread to the upper computer during set up.

7.All connected meters must be set to a different address.

C:\Users\QIYI-12\Desktop\产品图-Jane\DSKCTB6T-B1V0.jpgDSKCTB6T-B1V0 8.When modifying baud rates, all connected instruments and computers must be modified to the same baud rate.



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