Absolute encoder CAS60-PEB with parallel output user manual

*Single-turn absolute encoder, it both have the choice of CW and CCW.

*Single-turn encoder combines metering lap signal, can work multi-lap, not more than 90 degrees to the power outage.

*9 bits 360 GRAY EXCESS 76 output.

* Wide working voltage range, 10 … 30Vdc, reverse polarity protection.

* Wide operating temperature range,-25~80Celsius; storage temperature: -40~80Celsius.

* Parallel push-pull output, optional for voltage reference, can be connected to a variety of devices.

* Comes with chips core operations, can be put zero.

* Clamping flange, Synchronous flange or Blind hollow shaft is optional, the length of the cable and socket can be ordered.


Absolute encoder CAS60-PEB with parallel output user manual


9-bit parallel output of Single-turn absolute encoder, CW, CCW is compatible, single lap and multiple laps work is optional, anti-jamming, the best choice for replacing incremental encoder

Before using the encoder, please read the following instructions, proper use!


Characteristic parameters

Operating voltage 10 … 30Vdc polarity protection
Current consumption <50mA (24Vdc) no-load
Output signal parallel push-pull output active-high (parallel output voltage can be set)
Output pattern 9bits 360 Gray excess 76
Input signal KVCC parallel output reference voltage, output voltage drop <2V
Resolution 360
Duplicate precision Repeatability ± 2BIT (the actual precision and installation precision shaft concentricity related)
Operating temperature -25 to 80 Celsius
Storage temperature -40 to 80 Celsius
Protection degree housing IP67, shaft IP65
Shock and vibration 20g, 10 ~ 2000Hz; 100g, 6ms
Allowed speed 2400 rev / min
Connection cable 1 m shielded cable radial side (the other forms can be ordered)
Shape features metal sealed housing, sealed double-bearing structure

Output interface (Product specifications shall prevail)

Core cable colors Signal output Core cable colors Signal output
Red 10…30Vdc Yellow Bit 6
Blue GND 0V note1 Grey/White Bit 7
Black Bit 0 Brown Bit 8
White Bit 1
Green Bit 2
Pink Bit 3
Orange Bit 4 Grey Reset note3
purple Bit 5 Blue/white Direction note2


1 Keep two lines connected together when normal working

2 By default, the data increases clockwise; when connect the wire with high level, the data increases counterclockwise.

3 When the wire connected to high level, the current value is set to zero.

4 Maximum 50mA each parallel output

Installation dimensions (Unit: mm)

  1. Clamping & synchro

  1. Hollow shaft flange


Signal output

CAS60R12E10PB parallel push-pull output of the output signal, and the PLC input module (I / O) connections as shown below:


Extensions [Blue/Brown]: When connected to a high level of data increases counterclockwise; when clockwise, please connect the wire to the power ground (GND 0V)


* The encoder is a precision instrument, do not knock or bump encoders, gently, carefully use;

* Guaranteed encoder supply in the range 10-30Vdc and do isolation to prevent large-scale electric power grid to start the encoder produces shock;

* In the environment of strong electromagnetic interference, the signal line is best to use a dedicated line, such as double-shielded twisted pair cable can be ordered from the Company;

* Encoder signal line should be well grounded: close, both ends of the cable shielding should be grounded within two meters; greater distance encoder grounded metal enclosure, the encoder comes with cable shielding vacant, signal extension cable shielding in signal receiving end single-grounded; If the signal cable longer or outdoor use, signal cables should put metal iron pipe and metal pipe at both ends of the ground to use;

* Encoder protection class IP65, waterproof to use, but do not flooding the encoder shaft.


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