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        • Product name: GSM48-9 Series Servo Motor Rotary Encoder
        • Product number: 019
        • Shelf time: 2017-05-06
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        Type:Hollow shaft
        Outside dia: 48mm
        Hole/shaft dia: taper hole 1:9
        Resolution(PPR): 2500
        Power supply: 5-26Vdc
        Output Circuit: line driver

        Application & Features:

        • Widely used in the field of automatic control AC servo unit, particularly suitable for use in servo motor supporting
        • Internal ASIC devices, high reliability, long life, strong anti-interference.
        • Wide range of resolutions, and does not require signal conditioning.
        • With A, B, Z and U, V, W six-channel signal output can be connected with standard line driver (26LS31) RS422, can provide 12 output signal, and is compatible with TTL
        Electrical Spec:
        Mechanical Spec:

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