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        • Product name: GHS60 Series Solid Shaft Rotary Encoder
        • Product number: 007
        • Shelf time: 2017-03-27
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        Type:Solid shaft
        Outside dia: 60mm
        Hole/shaft dia: 8mm
        Resolution(PPR): 10-10000
        Power supply: 5-26Vdc
        Output Circuit: voltage outputpush+pullopen collectorRS422line driver

        Application & Features:

        Widely used in automatic control, automatic measurement, as the angle and speed sensors. ASIC devices internal, good reliability, long life, anti-jamming performance.

        Stainless steel shaft has a higher stability and protection. Metal shell is more solid and anti-impact. Bearingload heavy,anti-oil and water.

        Electrical Spec:
        Mechanical Spec:
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