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        • Product name: HB962 Frequency Meter/Tachometer(Double set of six shows)
        • Product number: 090
        • Shelf time: 2017-05-18
        • Views : 139

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        • input singal:switch、pluse(Low pluse:-30V~+0.6V                      High pluse:+4V~+30V)
        • External sensors: photoelectric tube, near the switches, Hall sensors, angle, line grating displacement sensor, encoder 
        • Outside the instrument to the sensor for the 5V, 24V              
        • DC voltage and DC current 30mA                                          
        • To meet the different needs of which we can set different ratio A, ratio b, the initial value of C and the decimal dot 
        • The current total value, set the count to alarm values, set parameter values count-down function is not lost 
        • A variety of relay output to meet the requirements of the scene control 
        • Includes addition and subtraction counting, counting to identify the phase (raster form) model of a total of two counts,customers use when configured in strict accordance with specification;

        Technical Specification

        • Power supply: AC/DC 85V-260V;
        • Display dimension:0.56";
        • Relay contact capacityk: AC22V/3A(Resistive load);
        • Relay contact life:105
        • Maximum frequency:50KHz;
        • Sampling period: 1S;
        • Display range:0-999999;
        • Envoironment:0℃-+50℃; ≤85%RH;
        • Overall dimension:96*48*82mm(horizontal);
        • Panel cutout dimension:92*45mm
        • Shows the value and ratio(A), magnification(b) the relationship;
        • Display value=Pulse input*A/b
        More details datasheet, please

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