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  • Product name: HS-3000 Series Draw-wire Position Sensor
  • Product number: 068
  • Shelf time: 2017-05-15
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  • Very robust construction for mechanical engineering and industrial plant application.
  • The spindle structure of measuring drum, to ensure measurement accuracy up to 0.02%FS, max speed up to 4m/s.
  • Max measuring range up to 3.2 meters
  • Variety of signal output optional: voltage output, push + pull, open collector NPN, RS422 (line driver), SSI, RS485, Modbus RTU, Profibus-DP
  • Easy to install and to use
  • Protection class IP65 (IP54)

Functional description:

The linear movement of a flexible steel cable, which can have a length of up to 3.2 m, is converted into a rotary movement with the aid of a measuring drum. The measuring drum is connected to the shaft of an encoder. In this way a change in displacement of the measuring cable causes the shaft of the encoder to rotate by a directly proportional amount which can be recorded.

The restoring force of the spring drive holds the measuring cable tight at all times and prevents any sagging which would otherwise induce an error. The measuring drum moves axially on a spindle ensuring that the cable is wound up precisely and reproducibly wrap for wrap in the helical groove of the drum.

Technical data

Electrical SPEC.


Detection system

Incremental encoder or absolute encoder


Output signal

Push-pull, NPN, RS422/TTL; SSI, RS485, Modbus-RTU, DP-Profibus;0-5Vdc, 0-10Vdc, 4-20mA;








Power supply

5Vdc 5-26Vdc 10-30Vdc





Mechanical SPEC.

Measuring range

Up to 3.2m

Drum circumference


Cable diameter

1mm highly flexible steel cable

Permissible cable speed


Permissible cable acceleration


Driving force


Life for cable and spring


Housing material

Anodized aluminum

Working temperature


Storage temperature


Protection class

Housing IP65cable entry IP54



Dimension: (mm)



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