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  • Product name: CAX60 Series SSI Output Multi-turns Absolute Encoder
  • Product number: 051
  • Shelf time: 2017-05-06
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  • Built-in multi-turn mechanical gear wheel encoder module. No battery or capacitor required for number of revolution counting during power failure 
  • Absolute digital encoder disk, high-precision digital, no signal interference and zero drift in fear.
  • SSI digital output, the fastest clock frequency can be set to 500KHz, high-speed, high-precision control
  • 4096 resolution per revolution, 1 parity bit, single-turn or multi-turn loop continuous operating range 4096
  • Wide operating voltage, low current consumption
  • Clamping flange or synchro flange, the international standard shape structure


Operating voltage

10 ... 30Vdc polarity protection (recommended 24Vdc power supply)

Current consumption

<35mA (24Vdc) no-load

Output signal

SSI synchronous serial signal

Signal transmission

Two pairs of RS422, 100 meters (125KHz and recommend special cables, more distance please consult factory)

Linear Resolution


Max laps 4096


Repeatability ± 2BIT (actual accuracy relate to precision of installation and the shaft concentricity )

Clock frequency

The fastest clock frequency can be set 500KHz, recommend 125KHz.

Working temperature

-25 ~ 80 

Storage temperature

-40 ~ 80 

Protection class

Shell IP67, IP65 shaft

Vibration and shock

10g, 10 ~ 2000Hz; 100g, 6ms

Allowed speed

2400 rev / min

Connection cable

1 m shielded cable radial side (rest form can be ordered)

Shape characteristics

Metal shell, sealed double bearing

Installation dimensions (Unit: mm)

Output Interface:(Refer to product manual)



DIR --- rotation direction.  When the core wire is low, top view of the shaft clockwise to increase data.  When working power plus high, change of direction is counterclockwise to increase data;

MID P --- midpoint positioning.  When the core wire with high level short contact , the current position data output is the midpoint of the whole data ;  When working properly, it should connected to 0V.



Clock/Data--- four- wire RS422 mode,  ± 5V,  one pair of clock trigger,  a pair of data output.






























SSI protocol description:


As shown, the absolute position value of the encoder is triggered by clock signal of the receiving device, from the high bit of Gray code(MSB),output serial signal synchronized with clock signal. The clock signal sent from the receiving device, refer to the total number bits of the encoder, output N interrupt pulse. When the signal is not transmitted, the clock and data bits are high, at the first falling edge of the clock signal, storing the current value, from the rising edge of the clock signal, sending data signal, A clock pulse synchronization a data.

Wherein: t3 is the restore signal, waiting for the next transmission; N = 13; 16; 25; 28. (Total number of digits according to the encoder)

T = 4-11us; t1 = 1-5.5us; t2 1us; t3 = 11-15.5us (Clock-and Date-omit not shown).

In actual use, in order to ensure the stability of the signal with the transmission distance farther, recommended the following parameters:

T = 8us (125KHz); t1 = 4us; t2 (the actual reading latency = 3 ~ 4us); t3 = 15us

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