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  • Product name: 220 Weight Indicator
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  • Shelf time: 2017-06-19
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Product Description

ressure load cell display controller Batching Display instruments use for weighing sensor DY220

This gauge 220 weighing display controller, sampling rate up to 80 times / second, with up to 3 relay outputs, standard configuration 1 relay, with zero position, optional 485/232 communications, current: 4-20ma, voltage: 0-10V and other transmission output.


Power supply:220V AC
1. Analog input
Analog inputs use 20 bits AD chip, Count Speed up to 80 times / sec, the measurement accuracy of 0.2%
Display range -9999 ~ 19999
The largest sub-degree 50000
For the bridge voltage 5V, 100mA

2. The switch output
3 relay or OC outputs. Relay contacts AC 250V / 1A, OC output drive 100mA / 48V optional.

3. Transmission output
Output 4-20mA, 0-10V, 12bit precision driving 500 ohm load. Optional features.

4. communication port
485,232 communication interface, upload executable modbusRTU and active protocol. This function is optional. Only can choose one function with transmission function

5. A simple comparison output
Features: 3 output meter can be set to be greater than or less than the comparative comparison. When the measured value exceeds the upper limit output is active when the measured value is less than the upper limit minus hysteresis output is invalid. If the output is less than comparison, the measured value is less than the lower limit of the output is active when the measured value is greater than the lower limit plus hysteresis invalid.


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