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Parking heater


Parking heater system

 What’s the parking heater system?

Parking heating is a small combustion cycle heating system independently of the engine. It burns fuel in the car to heat the coolant in the tank or air so that it can heat the car and the engine without starting the car. This system is widely used in cars, buses, engineering vehicles, yachts and other fields.

Parking heaters are divided into air heaters and water heaters according to different heating media.


The working principle of the air heating station heater is: fuel oil (gasoline or diesel) is extracted from the mailbox and ignited by the igniter. Clean air is continuously sucked into the combustion chamber.

The working principle of water heating in the vehicle is: a small amount of fuel oil is extracted from the oil tank into the combustion chamber of the vehicle heater, which is then ignited by the igniter to get an open fire.The combustion chamber is connected to the coolant pipe of the water tank, and the heated coolant circulates in the car.

The whole process does not involve starting the vehicle or the engine.Heating the car for 20 minutes usually warms the car and melts the snow and ice on the Windows.Depending on the size of the heater, the amount of fuel required for a single heating can range from 0.2 liters to 0.3 liters.

Starting mode: there are various starting modes of parking heating system.First, the parking heater can be completed by regular starting.Secondly, the remote control can be activated by remote control hundreds of meters away.The most interesting way to do this is by remote control, which means you can turn on the car heater by sending a text message or making a phone call.

 Advantages of parking heating system

1. Independent work: this heating system works independently of the engine. The whole process only requires the battery to drive the oil pump and air conditioning blower. The engine is not involved in operation and effectively protects the vehicle.

2. High flexibility: this system can not only be opened manually, but also be opened by timing, remote control and mobile phone SMS or telephone, with high flexibility.

3. Convenient installation: in addition to the standard standing car heating model, common mini cars and small cars can be added later to SUV models.Some car manufacturers also offer optional service.


  Parking heating system applicable scope

Parking heaters can be powered by gasoline or diesel fuel, and can be used for various types of domestic cars, off-road vehicles, buses, trucks, or special vehicles for long-term outdoor work, such as police cars and patrol cars.Large - sized parking heaters are more suitable for large vehicles such as yachts.

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