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Photoelectric encoder in the application of common faults and analysis

Photoelectric encoder in the application of common faults and analysis:
1, in the NC machine tool for straight-line distance measurement, usually the photoelectric encoder installed in the servo motor shaft. The servo motor is connected with the ball screw. When the servo motor is rotated, the table or tool is moved by the ball screw, and the rotation angle of the encoder corresponds to the movement amount of the linear moving part. Therefore, the position of the moving part can be calculated according to the transmission of the servo motor and the lead screw and the lead of the lead screw. The photoelectric encoder mounted on the spindle of the machine is used to detect the rotation speed of the spindle and output the feedrate control command to the screw feed motor to control the longitudinal cutting feed speed of the machine.
2, photoelectric encoder used in the ring-type digital display, it is a photoelectric encoder and digital circuits installed together with the digital angle measuring instruments. Applicable to the lathe, milling and other small and medium-sized CNC machine table feed and displacement of the display.
In the daily maintenance, for some fault analysis:
1, photoelectric encoder is widely used in CNC machine tool angular displacement sensor, the thread processing for the spindle angle measurement, but also for the detection of servo motor speed and rotation, complete semi-closed-loop control. Due to the vibration of its bearing, it can cause the distortion of the output waveform of the photoelectric encoder, which can cause the error and affect the machining precision and positioning accuracy of the CNC machine.
2, CNC machine tools to produce speed.
Symptom: The machine servo system for the Siemens 6SC610 drive device, using 1FT5 AC servo motor, in the machine running, X feed shaft quickly from low speed to high speed, resulting in speed out of control alarm. Fault diagnosis: in the exclusion of CNC systems, drive speed feedback and other factors, the fault will be located in the location detection device. After checking, the encoder output cable and coupler are normal, open the ROD320 encoder and found a fastening screw off, resulting in +5 V and the ground between the short circuit, the encoder no signal output, the CNC system is in the ring position ring State, which caused the failure of the train runaway.
Take measures: tighten the screws and check all the connectors.
3,52 workshop HSM700 high-speed milling machine hand wheel can not be used.
Symptom: HSM700 high-speed milling hand wheel does not work, can not set the axis parameters. Fault diagnosis: After the inspection found that the photoelectric encoder is damaged, so that the output signal can not reach the handwheel control side, resulting in milling machine hand wheel failure and other issues.
Take measures: repair this photoelectric encoder, so that the output signal to reach the hand wheel side, to ensure the normal work of the hand wheel, so set the parameters of the machine axis.

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