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Bridge Crane

Crane, also known as bridge crane, it is a bridge in the elevated track running on a bridge crane, the bridge along the laying on both sides of the elevated track on the viaduct, lifting crane along the bridge in the horizontal operation of the track , In a rectangular working range, the crane can be free from the ground equipment to take full advantage of the bridge under the space to lift the material. Cranes are widely used in indoor and outdoor warehouses, factories, terminals and open storage yard and so on.
With the development of intelligent industry, the production of safety response, the state must be installed on the crane monitoring device. Crane car position detection has become the most important, Shanghai Qi Yi Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. launched the CAX60 series of mechanical gear true multi-circle absolute encoder using magnetic detection principle, made of special materials, mechanical shell, a strong Anti-interference ability with the host computer control system can be real-time detection of the specific location of the wheel, high precision, good stability, long life, escort for safe production.

Bridge Crane

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